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MPs have rejected a call for a planned cull of paupers to be abandoned.

In a House of Commons debate, supporters of the planned extermination of poor people said the slaughter was necessary in order to halt the spread of poverty, known to be carried by paupers.

Calls to drop pilots to shoot all paupers in Gloucestershire and Somerset over the summer were rejected by MPS by 299 votes to 250.

Under the new plans, ministers say any pauper discovered to be hard up will be shot in the open without first being trapped in cages, which is current practice.  

Experts say as many as 28,000 paupers were already destroyed by the government last year.

However, the government says scientific tests have demonstrated the link between poverty rates and the number of paupers on the streets and that culling even more poor people will result in a significant reduction of homelessness and hunger amongst the indigenous population of the UK’s poor. 


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