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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Ho hum. Another week and yet another threat of being sued.

This time the threat’s from a UKIP activist – which is a bit strange for a so-called libertarian who’s supposed to be in favour of less state interference in people’s lives.

Well actually – on that theme – if there’s one thing annoys me more than anything else it’s a bunch of right-wing Thatcherite authoritarians trying to make out they’re libertarians. After all – I can’t think of anything less libertarian than wanting the government to decide who you can and can’t get married to – can you?

No – UKIP are about as libertarian as I’m a catwalk model.

This latest threat of libel comes from UKIP activist Marty Caine – who seems to be a bit upset about me pointing out that he labelled the family of Drummer Lee Rigby ‘idiots’ after they released their very moving statement for calm.

Here’s my blog post about it if you haven’t already seen it:

UKIP activist calls Drummer Lee Rigby’s family ‘idiots’

If you scroll down the comments in that blog post – you’ll see Marty’s announcement that he’s going to sue me along with two other people as well as presumably anyone else who repeats the fact that he labelled the family of Lee Rigby ‘idiots’.

A word of advice Marty.

If you don’t want anyone to know you called the Rigby family idiots – don’t call them idiots in the first place.

And if you can’t help yourself because your mouth is bigger than your brain – just apologise profusely and withdraw the comment.

It’s a lot cheaper than suing. And losing.

See you in court.


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