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BRITISH leader David Cameron has reportedly held crisis talks after revelations a senior member of the Tory Party has been caught red-handed having a sexual relationship with his wife.

The details of the unusual intramarital tryst surfaced in a Sunday newspaper – which said it could not disclose the identities of the couple involved for fear of upsetting the mistress of one of them.

However, it reported sources as saying that Cameron was “stunned” after hearing two of his close colleagues were involved in an intimate physical relationship with each other – despite being married to each other for over 15 years.

The only details the paper revealed were that the people involved were middle-aged and married to each other although it stated that the relationship had survived the crisis and all sexual relations within the marriage had now ended.

The story quotes a senior source as saying: “This revelation is dynamite. None of us could believe it when we first heard it.”

The source added that it had caused “great personal distress to innocent parties such as mistresses, assorted bits-on-the-side and male and female sex workers in the Westminster area.”

The affair may have the potential to destabilise Cameron’s already rocky leadership, which has suffered a number of setbacks recently including a revolt by members of his own party against his stance on his gay marriage to Nick Clegg and his own alleged close sexual relationship with himself.


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