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Downing Street has announced it is to launch an investigation into the latest edition of Britain’s Got Talent after numerous complaints by viewers that it quite clearly hasn’t.

The government clampdown on dishonest TV shows emerged as the Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed senior ministers were planning to get tough on anything annoying which might make people less likely to vote for them at the next election.

A spokesperson for Number 10 confirmed negotiations were already under way at cabinet level to introduce legislation aimed at curbing rainy weekends, banning rolls of sticky tape with ends that are impossible to find and laws which will to put an end to public displays of Michael Gove.

In a related development, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has said in its interim report this week that formal investigations have also been launched into the scandal of the proliferation of offensive celebrity fitness DVDs which are still being openly offered for sale to minors in the UK.


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