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In its concluding statement on its mission to the UK, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the UK Chancellor George Osborne’s stupidity was still acting as a drag on the economy and the government should do more to offset the negative impact of his incompetence.

Speaking at a press conference in London, the IMF’s deputy managing director, Dennis Upton, said the view of the organisation was that if the UK wanted to see more economic growth, the government should seriously consider slowing the pace of Mr Osborne’s ineffectualness and inadequacy.

In response to questions from journalists, Mr Upton said:

Every economic indicator suggests that the present UK chancellor’s sanity is at historically low levels and is still a long way from a strong and sustainable recovery.

It would be, in our view, useful for the economy if there was an increase in the overall level of Mr Osborne’s intelligence and more measures were brought forward to reduce the drag of the chancellor’s knob-headedness on economic recovery


However, speaking to BBC Radio 4’s The World at One, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said although he accepted that more government savvy was desirable in principle, it would have to be funded by diverting more common sense from other areas and would be difficult while the chancellor was so strongly committed to continuing with his policy of being such an obdurate bell-end and arrogant git.


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