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(satire – or is it?)

As loons – especially swivel-eyed ones – are in the news at the moment, I thought I’d give you some interesting facts – completely true I promise you – about the habitat and breeding habits of the bird known as the Common Loon.

  • Loons are extremely territorial and will aggressively defend their territory sometimes to the death.
  • Common Loons often make wailing or moaning noises but can yodel when defending their territory.
  • Most Loons have grey heads and white bellies.
  • Loons are slow to take off but once they get going their considerable stamina means they can fly for considerable distances.
  • Loons prefer to build their nests on small islands surrounded by water where they are completely cut off from other inhabitants.
  • The word ‘Loon’ comes from the Old Norse word lōmr, which means ‘to moan’.


Looks like Cameron’s mate was more spot-on than he realised when he described Tory activists as loons.


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