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(not satire – it’s the Tory Party)

The Tories often accuse Labour of indulging in class war but the truth is that the Tories themselves are also proficient at it.

The present war between UKIP, its Tory activist sympathisers and Cameron’s circle of over-privileged senior friends and advisers is evidence of it.

UKIP and Tory activists are not all ex-Eton old boys as some on the Left would like to paint them. They include many working class people – much more Rotary Club than Bullingdon Club.

Today’s revelations about one of Cameron’s mates referring disparagingly to Tory activists as  ‘mad swivel-eyed loons’ is yet more evidence of the class conflict in the Tory Party. If it turns out the person who said it is one of Cameron’s public school cronies – as I suspect it will – it shows the utter contempt heaped on those who are seen as being no better than ‘plebs’ by the toffs now in charge of the Conservatives – even within their own party.

We’ve also seen evidence of this class warfare in the recent story about David Cameron’s black working class adviser, Shaun Bailey, who claims he was pushed out of Downing Street by the prime minister’s “clique” of Old Etonian aides.

It was not always thus. One of Thatcher’s secret weapons against the Left was that it was difficult to wage class war against someone who quite clearly was not a toff – despite her best efforts to sound like one and act like one.

The child of a mere greengrocer would never be considered as a suitable candidate for membership of the Bullingdon Club – but greengrocers are very likely to be presidents of their local Rotary Club – much like Nigel Farage himself.

The explanation for much of the present conflict over the future direction and traditional values of the Tory Party- whether it be Nadine Dorries, gay marriage, the EU, ‘loony activists’ or UKIP – comes down to one simple thing.

Good old-fashioned snobbery.


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