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(This is not satire – believe it or not)

Could David Cameron’s problems with his rebellious backbenchers be related to the fact that the Tory party is disproportionally made up of toffs?

Research has shown that people from an upper-class background are more likely to cheat, betray their country or friends and defect from a political party.

A series of studies by scholars from UC Berkeley into the relationship between socio-economic class and prosocial and antisocial emotions and behaviours, reveals that upper-class people are more likely to behave unethically:

Upper class people more likely to cheat: study

And an historical study by political historian Dr Alun Wyburn-Powell into more than a hundred defections in and out of the Liberal and Liberal Democratic Parties over the course of a century showed clearly that on average defectors were more likely to be from privileged and wealthier backgrounds than loyalists:

‘Toffs’ most likely to defect

This evidence of upper-class disloyalty to parties and causes is also supported by the revelation that the upper classes were more likely than average citizens to be prepared to betray their country in the run up to the Second World War.

A list of suspected UK traitors to be interned drawn up by the UK government in 1941 included numerous members of the aristocracy, including the Duke of Bedford, Adml Sir Barry Domville, Sir Oswald Mosley (of course) as well as close friends of the Marquess of Salisbury, Lord Rothermere (owner of the Daily Mail) and members of the royal family particularly the Duke and Duchess of Windsor:

Nobles and admirals on war ‘Suspect List’

On the basis that upper-class people seem to be a bunch of cheating, disloyal, self-interested traitors who would betray their friends, principles and country at the drop of a hat – seems to me the Tory Party would do well to reconsider its traditional reliance on support from upper-classes and the wealthy.

Don’t you?


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