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(satire – barely)

In a fresh attempt to curb expected mass immigration into the United Kingdom Independence Party, the government has announced a crackdown on short-term migrants from the Tory Party.

The new ‘UKIP Immigration Bill‘ is the centre piece of the government’s planned new laws to prevent an expected mass migration of right-wing voters into the UKIP this summer, set out by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament.

Announcing the crackdown as part of the Queen’s Speech, the government said that new arrivals into UKIP will have to pay more for NHS care, landlords will be forced to check their tenants voting status to ensure they were not fruitcakes and UKIP supporters will not get driving licences.

David Cameron said the package would boost recovery, particularly of his personal poll ratings – and that the new UKIP Immigration Bill will make it easier to discourage the huge number of Tory MPs who may be planning on entering the UKIP in the near future.


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