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In my experience newspaper hacks are the thinnest-skinned people imaginable when it comes to criticism and like to jump up and down threatening libel at the drop of a hat. Considering they like to dish it out to other people on a regular basis – it rather points to them not being able to take it back – like classic bullies. 

That’s why I’m not entirely surprised that former Daily Mail / Daily Express hack Sonia Poulton  – who boasted recently about being able to “trace” Twitter users’ personal phone numbers and addresses – has threatened to sue me for simply asking her how she did it.

Sonia issued the threat – saying she has “an absolute case of libel” against me – but said she will only continue with the action if I “want to be an idiot and try more trouble”.

In other words – shut the f**k up with your criticisms or I will use all the financial and legal resources available from my employers to shut you up myself.

Well. So much for journalists being fans of free speech.

So here’s my reply to those threats.

Sonia, I am calling your bluff. I will not shut up. I will not stop criticising those in power, whether they be journalists, politicians or the powerful and influential.

In fact, just to make sure you don’t now back out of your threat, I will be posting another blog post in the next couple of days explaining just why I think you are really so keen to shut me up.

And then another explaining why we must stand up to abuses of civil liberties – especially by journalists – no matter who is responsible for the abuse.

So sue me. Close down my blog – I’ll only pop up again somewhere else. Let’s have it out in court. Because then maybe you will finally be forced to answer my original simple question.

How the Hell did a national newspaper journalist manage to trace Twitter users’ personal phone numbers and home addresses?


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