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(not satire – it’s UK today)

(UPDATE – Warner is now calling for a £10 a month ‘fee’ to use the NHS)

Well he’s got chutzpah, I’ll give him that.

Labour peer Lord Warner used the column space he was given by the Guardian today to explain the reasons why he’s supporting the coalition’s legislation to privatise reform the NHS.

Basically he says he’ll be voting with the government because he believes the reforms are good for the NHS and its users – and not at all because he’s personally being paid good money by private companies who are out to gain from the legislation.

If you can stomach the audacity and hypocrisy in it – you can see Lord Warner’s column here:

Why I, a Labour peer, am supporting a regulated market for NHS competition

It seems to me Lord Warner must obviously think we’re all thick or something.

Because according to Social Investigations, he’s currently a director of Sage Advice Ltd, works as an adviser to Xansa, a technology firm, and Byotrol, an antimicrobial company, which all sell or are hoping to sell services or products to the NHS.

And according to Lobbying Transparency, Warner also took up a position with Apax Partners – one of the leading private equity investors in healthcare.

When asked about his salaries from these private companies by parliament’s Public Administration Committee during an investigation into lobbying of peers by private companies, Lord Warner was evasive to say the least.

People who are supposed to be representing the public interest but who turn out to be only representing their own private interests – or their employers – really piss me off.

And the government’s privatisation by stealth of the NHS with no electoral mandate at all really, really pisses me off.

But people like Lord Warner thinking we plebs are so thick we’ll fall for their explanations that NHS privatisation is for our own good – and not because they’re going to be making shedloads of money from it – really, really, really piss me off.

How about you?


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