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(not satire – it’s fatcat bankers)

What’s sadder than a kid at school who’s being bullied?

A kid at school who’s being bullied but doesn’t even know it.

You know – the bullies are taking all his pocket money and laughing at him but he laughs along with them and still thinks they’re his best friends.

How sad is that?

Well I’m afraid that’s us – having our money taken by banks in bailouts and being openly laughed at by them and amazingly most of us still seem to think bankers are our best friends.

I mean I wouldn’t mind if the bankers at least made some attempt to hide the fact they were laughing at us.

For example, look at how disgraced banker Rich Ricci – who was responsible for the illegal LIBOR manipulation at Barclays and got over 30 million severance pay in return for his actions – bought a race horse recently and called it FatCatInAHat.

Mr Ricci is famous for wearing fedora hats at race meetings by the way.

No – top bankers aren’t sorry at all for causing the global financial meltdown which was the reason so many people across the world are now having to suffer extreme austerity and hardship.

Quite the opposite in fact.

They’re openly laughing at us.


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