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(not satire!)

The cancer sufferer in question is actually activist and performance artist Mark McGowan – AKA @ChunkyMark or The Artist Taxi Driver.

From 8am tomorrow he will be bringing attention to the coalition’s underhand privatisation of the NHS by actually pushing a toy pig along the streets with his nose the whole 4 miles from Kings College Hospital in Camberwell to number 10 Downing Street.

For more information on this extraordinary event – see his blog here:

Where’s Daddy Pig?

Or his video about it on Youtube:

Hospital announcement about a pig pushing performance

If you live anywhere near London – and you care about the NHS being sold off by the government to satisfy their greedy corporate pig donors with their noses in the taxpayer funded trough – why not go along and support him?

Don’t forget to take a pig with you to honk him along the way.


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