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(satire – I think)

Tory childcare minister Elizabeth Truss has criticised what she called our “chaotic” parliament for breeding what she claimed were a generation of juvenile MPs with no manners.

The Tory minister said that Westminster was filled with politicians “running around with no sense of purpose”, adding that by allowing unruly behaviour in the House of Commons, MPs are unable to even sit still by the time they get to the House of Lords.

In comments to the Daily Mail, Truss – who has admitted she employs a nanny to help look after her own junior ministers – called for a more traditional approach similar to the French system of parliamentary debate, where MPs learn to listen to the Speaker, learn to respect an instruction, so that they are ready for running the country.

This isn’t about unruly 52-year-olds doing parliamentary work – it’s about structured activities which teaches MPs to be polite and considerate.

What you notice in the French parliament is just how calm they are. All of their debates are structured and led by the Speaker. MPs get into the habit of waiting their turn, of socialising with each other and developing good manners, which is not the case in too many parliamentary debates in Britain.

Ms Truss’s comments come not long after the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling defended parents’ right to smack government ministers, saying he was not opposed to giving really annoying cabinet members like Michael Gove a smack sometimes if it was used on an “occasional” basis and only when “really warranted”.


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