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(not satire – it’s Michael Gove!)

Education Secretary Michael Gove likes to make out he’s a placid, well-mannered, affable kind of a guy.

In fact, he’s only able to keep up this pretence because he employs two particularly nasty special advisers – both at taxpayers’ expense – to personally insult and publicly attack anyone on his behalf who might dare to question him or his policies.

But now it looks like Gove has finally been forced to bring his two attack dog SPADs – Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete – to heel.

Cummings and de Zoete have been using an official Tory Party Twitter account called @ToryEducation as a vehicle for their most vicious attacks on Gove’s opponents

But just one day after Cummings and de Zoete publicly called ex-children’s minister Tim Loughton a liar – the previously prolific @ToryEducation has been completely quiet.

I do hope both of them are now being put to better use on their taxpayer funded wages than slinging childish insults around on Gove’s behalf.

By the way, Conservative Party spokespeople have been furiously denying @ToryEducation is an official party Twitter account and have removed all references to it from their official accounts.

So perhaps somebody should quickly point out to them that they’ve forgotten to remove @ToryEducation from the CCHQ list of official Twitter accounts – before someone takes a screen shot of it and proves they’ve been lying.



Oops. Too late.


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