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(satire – probably)

In a touching tribute to Margaret Thatcher, groups of former miners have decided to honour her memory by agreeing to be beaten up and falsely arrested by police in a demonstration against her legacy taking place in Trafalgar Square today.

As a mark of respect, senior police officers have jointly agreed with miners leaders to recreate the infamous 1984 Battle of Orgreave in which miners were beaten up and falsely accused of rioting and unlawful assembly in celebration of the former prime minister.

The former miners will be joining socialists, travellers, students and other anti-capitalist protesters who were regularly beaten up by the police during Lady Thatcher’s tenure as prime minister to celebrate her legacy of being baton charged and hit on the head with truncheons until they bleed.

A delegation of ex-miners from Durham are also hoping to be assaulted, unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted by police in a memorable re-enaction of the infamous trial in 1987 in which police had to pay out £425,000 to them after admitting they had been stitched up.

Senior police officers have also confirmed they have agreed to honour the former prime minister by not disciplining any officers for misconduct whatever they might get up to during the demonstration.


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