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(It’s not satire. It’s Grant Shapps!)

Tut tut tut! Mr Shapps has been caught playing fast and loose with official government figures I see.

Nobody should be all that surprised that Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps has been telling porkies about how the Tories have supposedly managed to ‘scare’ nearly 900,000 people off disability benefits rather than face a medical assessment. After all, this is the man who conducts his private businesses under numerous pseudonyms.

Turns out that just the same number of people now are voluntarily choosing to come off disability benefits every month under the Tories as they did under Labour  – probably because they simply get better and don’t need the benefit any more.

As Sue Marsh so eloquently put it when she was interviewed on Sky News recently about it – people are honest!

Thanks to research by the indefatigable Declan Gaffney we can see clearly that the number of people who choose to come off disability benefits hasn’t changed at all because of the Tories stricter benefits regime as Shapps claims.

Mind you, that doesn’t explain why the mainstream media have been completely ignoring this outrageous distortion of official data by Shapps to back up his lies claims.

As usual, it’s unpaid bloggers we have to count on for the real information.


Here are links to three blogs which explain in greater detail how Shapps and the Tories have grossly manipulated the figures to suit their own political ends:

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