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(Not satire – it’s the UK today!)

No – not China or Saudi Arabia or Israel.

It’s the UK.

Skype owners Microsoft – in their stated aim of transparency and encouraging civil liberties around the world – have just released figures of which countries have tried to make them release the names of Skype users through court action or official requests.

And top of the league – the UK.

You can see the table for yourself here (click to enlarge):

skype civil liberties

This comes not long after it was revealed that UK police spent 4 weeks tracking down a housewife who joked about throwing an egg at David Cameron on Facebook.

Now I’m all for our security services doing whatever they can to protect us from terrorism and such like.

But a word of advice to the public school drinking clubs that call themselves MI5 and MI6 as well as the undercover police in the UK who seem to spend most of their time and taxpayers’ money having sex under false pretences with hippies in the name of national security.

If Al-Qaeda-like terrorists are plotting attacks in the UK or elsewhere, they’re not going to be chatting about it with each other on Skype or joking about it with their mates on Facebook. OK?


Here’s the full report from Microsoft:

2012 Law Enforcement Requests Report

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