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(satire – probably)

Police spent four weeks tracking down a mother who joked on Facebook about throwing an egg at David Cameron so they could shake her hand and tell her they would like to egg him too, it has today been claimed. 

Debra Burt said that she made the remark after becoming frustrated with government cuts and was shocked when she was visited by two officers who said they had been looking for her for four weeks so they could tell her they also felt the same way about egging the prime minister.

The 45-year-old from Ramsgate, Kent, said two detectives knocked on her door in Ramsgate the day before the the Prime Minister’s visit to Kent last week to witness the Archbishop of Canterbury being sworn in and said they had been hunting her for four weeks, looking through her Facebook site, and trying old mobile phone numbers and former addresses just so they could congratulate her:

I told a friend on Facebook that I’d like to chuck an egg at Cameron and the police tracked me down and said they don’t blame me because they’d really love to cover his smug face with yolk too. They said if I was going to do it I should make sure the egg was really smelly and that they were surprised more people didn’t feel the same way about him.


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