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(not satire – it’s the Tory treasury!)

In the Chancellor’s budget yesterday, much has been made of Osborne’s so-called ‘mortgage guarantee scheme’ which will provide taxpayers’ money to supposedly help more first-time buyers buy their own home.

The problem is – under the present rules of the scheme – some wealthy people could use the money to buy themselves a second home.

In response to that criticism, the Tory treasury spokesperson on Twitter – @ToryTreasury – has gamely spent most of today trying to explain how buy-to-let mortgages are excluded from the scheme.

Fair enough.

However, that still won’t exclude wealthy home owners who would like to buy a second home for their own use – for example as a holiday home.

So this morning I decided to ask @torytreasury whether those 2nd home buyers would be excluded too:

mortgage guarantee scheme

Strangely enough, hours later they still haven’t given a direct answer to this important question, except for saying repeatedly that they ‘need to consult‘.

Need to consult? Oh I see.

In other words – oh shit, we didn’t think of that before we announced the policy and now we have to desperately work out how we can make a drastic U-turn without looking like bungling, incompetent nincompoops.

Of course we all knew they were bungling nincompoops. But why couldn’t they have just admitted that in the first place?


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