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(no – it’s not satire – it’s out-of-touch Tory MPs!)

After some excellent research by Inside Housing (hat tip to Anne-Marie Spiritualist Medium for noticing this) – the social housing organisation found at least 7 blundering Tory MPs who have written letters to councils to complain about the unfair effects of the Bedroom Tax on their constituents – despite the fact they personally voted for the policy themselves!

Tory MPs Andrew Selous, Jackie Doyle-Price, Richard Drax, Henry Smith, John Randall, Owen Paterson and Alistair Burt have all complained to their local councils about the way their constituents will be affected by the bedroom tax.

See Inside Housing’s article here:

Tory MPs voice bedroom tax worries

I know some Tory MPs are not especially known for being the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree – but is it really too much to expect our elected representatives to know what the hell they’re voting for before they actually go ahead and vote for it?

Clearly in the case of these bumbling dumbbells – it is.


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