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(not satire – it’s the Tories in meltdown!)

While everyone else is discussing things such as press regulation, drunken MPs and leadership challenges – you can be sure the Tory’s top strategists have something much more important to talk about today.

Namely – the loss of two council seats yesterday in formerly rock-solid blue-rinse Surrey and West Sussex.

Perception is all in politics and Tory strategists’ biggest worry is that if dissatisfied Tory voters in previously solid true-blue constituencies have any inkling that a protest vote for another party might actually not be wasted – the Tory Party could well be facing an historic meltdown in May’s local elections and even the general election in 2015.

Here are the results from yesterday which are so worrying for the Tories:

Runnymede District Council in Surrey – UKIP overturned a 23% Tory Majority to take the seat.

Arun District Council in West Sussex – the Liberal Democrats destroyed a 48% Tory majority to take a seat!

I can assure you, these results will be causing panic in the Tory high command.

Which is why, of course the mainstream press isn’t talking about them.


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