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(it’s really really not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Surprisingly, the Liberal Democrats have just voted against the introduction of a Mansion Tax. You know the tax they’ve been banging on about for years.

A couple of weeks ago, Labour very cheekily nicked the policy off the Lib Dems and tried to introduce it in parliament yesterday – obviously expecting that the Lib Dems would support it.

A reasonable enough presumption considering it was the Lib Dems’ policy in the first place.

But the Lib Dems only went and voted against it.

Their explanation?

Take a deep breath – because now things are going to get really surreal.

Here we go.

The Lib Dems voted against the Mansion Tax in order to show they support it.


They voted against Labour’s Mansion Tax proposals so they could vote instead for a government motion which expressed their support in the coalition for a Mansion Tax.

I’m going to have a lie down now. All this Lib Dem hypnagogic shenanigans is giving me a headache.


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