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The people of the Falkland Islands have voted overwhelmingly to stay on the islands despite being accused by the UK government of breaking under-occupancy rules brought in as part of the coalition’s controversial new bedroom tax regulations.

Despite near zero temperatures and flurries of snow and rain, all but three people voted yes to the question posed on the ballots: “Do you wish to remain on the Falkland Islands and be forced to take in dodgy lodgers or would you prefer to move to somewhere smaller like the Isle of Man?”

However, UK Prime Minister David Cameron defended the plan, which he says will create a level playing field between under-occupied islands such as the Falklands and other more crowded UK islands such as Gibraltar, Jersey and the Isle of Wight. In a statement, he said:

All the time Labour was in government, absolutely nothing was done to address the problem of thousands of people being subsidised by the taxpayer to live on sparsely-populated islands like the Falklands.

This government aims to solve the issue of under-occupancy – by making sure nobody lives on an island which is bigger than their needs.


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