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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The exemptions announced today by the government will not cover most of the people hardest hit by its cruel bedroom tax.

They won’t cover injured ex-military personnel such as Cody Lachey, 29, who served once in Bosnia and twice in Afghanistan before injury forced him to retire and who may be forced to live on the streets by the bedroom tax.

It won’t cover people like Janet Bell – who has had a disability lift installed where there used to be a spare room and now has to pay the tax or move.

It won’t cover people like Fiona Oxley-Goody – mother of her severely disabled son Logan – who will have to find £60 extra a month or move from their specially adapted home.

And it won’t cover couples like Jayson Lowery and his wife Charlotte –  who have been told they have to pay £12 a week more or move because Charlotte’s special bed and medical equipment mean they have to use a spare bedroom.

The fact is that the bedroom tax will still be affecting over 700,000 people – the majority of whom are disabled.

If you want to join the protests against the bedroom tax planned for this Saturday 16th March – have a look if there’s one near you:

Join the protests against the ‘Bedroom Tax’


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