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(satire – I think)

The Chancellor George Osborne has blamed a computer glitch at the NatWest bank for his failure to reduce Britain’s debt and for the overall dreadful state of the UK economy.

Mr Osborne claimed he was unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods and services, or prevent the loss of the UK’s AAA rating after an apparent IT error caused the bank’s systems to crash on Wednesday night.

NatWest said in a statement that although it was “disappointed” with the disruption, it denied the Chancellor’s accusations that problems with access to its on-line banking services for 4 hours on Wednesday night were the reason the UK is heading into a triple recession.

A spokesperson for Mr Osborne however, insisted the bank must shoulder responsibility for the government having to borrow £158 billion more than the Chancellor had planned:

We’ve already managed to blame Gordon Brown, hot pasties, snow and badgers for the appalling state of the economy so obviously it’s now the turn of the National Westminster Bank’s IT Department to shoulder the blame for our own incompetent handling of the economy.


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