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(satire – I think)

There was shock and outrage in the gay rights community today after 1970s Village People disco star Lech Walesa was accused of hate speech when he said he believed gay people had no right to sit on the front benches in parliament.

Village People Walesa

Nobel prize winner Lech Walesa

Mr Walesa – famous for appearing in the hit group as a heavily moustachioed macho biker in tight black leather trousers and chains – was criticised for promoting a “propaganda of hate against a sexual minority”, after the camp Polish political icon said LGBT people had no right to a prominent role in politics.

The singer and dancer –  Poland’s first democratic-era disco dancing president – is credited with single-handedly bringing down the Communist system by organising a series of crippling mass nationwide striking of poses spelling out the word YMCA in his native Poland in the 1970s.


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