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The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has pledged the party will clamp down hard on sexual harassment of the party’s peers and senior officials after it was revealed women find them so irresistible they just can’t keep their hands off them.

The statement came after Mr Clegg admitted he was aware that the Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Rennard, had had to stand down as Chief Executive of the party in 2009 for being too sexy.

Lord Rennard looking sexy

A Lib Dem peer trying hard not to look hot

In an interview with LBC Radio, Mr Clegg said:

It has become abundantly clear now that not nearly enough has been done in the party to ensure we the leadership are not so arousing to women that they won’t be able to stop themselves being all over us.

I fully understand the seriousness of this situation and that is why I have decided to clamp down hard on the problem by giving Danny Alexander a leading role in the party.

However, political pundits are pointing out that on past form, the pledge by Mr Clegg to reduce the sexual allure of the Liberal Democrat leadership will probably mean in real terms they’ll be tripling it.


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