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(It’s not satire – is it?)

In a bitter and closely fought by-election, voters in Eastleigh were expected today to deliver a bitter blow to the coalition government by electing a coalition government candidate from the ruling coalition government instead of a candidate from the ruling coalition government.

In a critical by-election for the coalition partners, coalition government candidates Maria Hutchings and Mike Thornton were expected to beat one of the coalition candidates Maria Hutchings and Mike Thornton into second place after polls showed it was unlikely two coalition government candidates could both win the election.

A coalition government spokesperson expressed disappointment at the expected result but denied a loss for one of the two candidates would create a rift between the two parties:

It’s a real pity they can’t both represent the constituency at the same time but as there’s only one seat available in the House of Commons, it would clearly be unreasonable to expect Mr Thornton to allow Ms Hutchings to sit on his lap during parliamentary debates – especially if they were likely to last more than 5 minutes. So it’s fair enough really.


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