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(not satire – it’s Sue Ryder)

Well now. Sue Ryder has just announced it’s going to be pulling out of the government’s much-criticised mandatory workfare programme – you know, the programme where unemployed people are forced to work without pay or face losing most of their benefits.

In a statement, Sue Ryder admitted what it called ‘recent online lobbying’ had forced it to take the decision to “withdraw from the DWP’s mandatory back-to-work schemes”.

You can see the statement here:

Sue Ryder position statement on the Department for Work and
Pensions’ back-to-work schemes (commonly known as Workfare)

The withdrawal comes after a concerted campaign had exposed the greed of Sue Ryder executives who were callously using sick, disabled and unemployed people to bump up the charity’s profits – in order to place it in a better position to take over privatised NHS services.

Who said on-line activism doesn’t work?


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