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(not satire – it’s UK today)

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So the mystery of why the Sue Ryder charity has been so enthusiastic in its support of the government’s mandatory workfare programme has been solved.

While just about every other charity has refused to participate or has pulled-out of the scheme – Sue Ryder not only continues to use it but has indeed been fulsomely praising the benefits of making sick, disabled and even dying people work for them as unpaid slaves.

Indeed – the charity has been tying itself in painful knots in its attempts to justify its participation in the widely-condemned scheme:

The Sue Ryder charity and its sinister Orwellian doublethink

Could the charity’s support of the government be anything to do with its attempts to become one of the cash cows feeding on taxpayer’s money in the public trough the government is making freely available for organisations willing to help with the privatisation and break up of the NHS?

Yes – probably.

Sue Ryder is openly – well not all that openly – lobbying the government to let it take over privatised NHS public services.

The charity’s scheming is all here in a brief to the House of Lord’s last December:

Sue Ryder – steps to enable the voluntary sector to participate in the delivery of public services

In my opinion – allowing charities to provide what used to be universal NHS services is one step closer to the Victorian model of health provision the government seems so intent on forcing on us.

Begging bowls at the ready. Can I have some more medicine please?


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