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(it’s not satire – it’s the LibDems!)

It seems the Lib Dems have a cunning plan to win the Eastleigh by-election.

They’ve abandoned their leader Nick Clegg.

As is normal during a by-election campaign, all the parties are busy emailing as many constituents as possible, asking for money and support.

Hoping they can hold onto Eastleigh after the resignation of Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats are no exception.

Below is an email they’ve been sending. It’s pretty unremarkable except for one thing.

It’s not been sent in the name of their party leader Nick Clegg, as would be normal for such emails.

This one has been sent in the name of one of their ex-leaders Paddy Ashdown.

Well – Lord Ashdown is supposed to be in charge of the party’s 2015 election campaign – so it’s just about possible he could stand in for Nick Clegg during a by-election.

But that doesn’t really explain why there’s no mention at all of Clegg anywhere in the message.

Not even once.

It’s almost as if the Lib Dems think Nick might be a bit of a vote loser.

Isn’t it?


Here’s the email by the way  (thanks to Anya-Nicola Darr):

From: Paddy Ashdown 
Subject: Please do this today
To: “Anya-Nicola Darr” 
Date: Tuesday, 12 February, 2013, 12:47

Dear Anya-Nicola,

When we won Eastleigh in 1994, it was a breakthrough for Liberal Democrats. This by-election can be as well.

We have, in Mike Thornton, a fantastic local candidate who can continue our record of service to Eastleigh. He is also the only candidate who can stop the Conservatives winning.

But, we’ve only got a few more days to win this election.

Keith House, who is running our campaign, will tell you that he knows what we need to do to win. He’ll also tell you that at the moment he doesn’t have enough money to do it all.

Make a donation to the campaign today and Keith will put it to work right away.

To give you just one example, a donation of £25 today will allow us to contact an extra hundred voters in Eastleigh before the weekend. Only Mike Thornton can beat the Conservatives in this campaign, and cannot afford to lose by a few votes.

Give whatever you can afford today, and you’ll make all the difference.

Thank you,


PS. We don’t have the email address of everyone who would want to help. Please forward this message to anyone who you think can help this campaign.


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