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(It’s not satire – it’s A4e!)

I know his name might sound like it’s been made-up but honestly – A4e topdog and cartoon Conservative Jonty Oliff-Cooper is for real.

His job is to help spend all that lovely taxpayers’ money the government’s been giving to A4e. Nice work if you can get it.

We already know that A4e’s success rate is under a measly 4%.

But now we also know – thanks to Jonty’s horsey mouth – what kind of important help A4e has been giving to the unemployed for all those millions of our money.

According to Jonty on Twitter, A4e have been holding classes for the unemployed on how to use toilet paper.

Obviously Jonty’s now deleted the tweets – once he realised what a mistake it was to reveal what his firm has been busy wasting our money on.

But fortunately for us – and unfortunately for him – you can still see his tweets here:

Watching A4e 

I always thought Conservatives claim to be really concerned about how taxpayers’ money is spent and that they hate to see it wasted.

Clearly that only applies when it’s being spent on someone other than themselves.


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