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(Not satire – it’s Bullingdon Boris!)

I assure you this is not satire.

London’s mayor and Eton old boy Boris Johnson has shown yet again just how out of touch he is with average Londoners by calling for fox hunting to be brought to the heart of inner-city London.

Bullingdon Boris’s call for red-jacketed hunt masters followed by packs of foxhounds and drunken Hooray Henries to start riding down Peckham High Street came after an urban fox bit the finger off a one-month-old baby boy in Bromley, south-east London.

Despite the RSPCA saying the event was extremely rare, Boris seems to think it’s enough excuse to invite his mates from Chipping Norton down to inner-city London for a spot of hunting at the weekend.

As he’s so concerned about the safety of children, I presume Boris will also be demanding an immediate curb on cars in London – which unlike foxes are responsible for the deaths of between 2,000 and 3,000 children in the UK every year.


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