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(satire – sort of)

Tests by experts on the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg have revealed most of the deputy prime minister is made up entirely from chicken mechanically separated from the backbone.

The Food Safety Authority analysed 18 of Mr Clegg’s speeches and all of them contained between 60% and 100% chicken, as well as large amounts of unidentified b***ocks, the FSA said.

Lib Dem Chickens

Nick Clegg yesterday with Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander

In response to the shocking findings, a spokesperson for the Liberal Democrat Party assured any voters who may have bought into Mr Clegg’s promises that they can get a full refund after the next election by never voting for him ever again.

However, the FSA has ordered urgent tests on the quality of the Deputy Prime Minister’s electoral pledges after concerns they may contain as little as 0% of the ingredients he promised on the packaging.

A spokesperson for the FSA said:

Although there is no evidence to suggest the large amounts of chicken found in the Liberal Democrat leadership is a direct safety risk to the public, it’s clear if you decide to buy into cheapskate, lowdown politicians like Nick Clegg, you’re almost certainly going to be sold a plateful of chicken shit and b***ocks.


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