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(satire – barely)

In the forthcoming Eastleigh by-election, the Liberal Democrats have chosen local councillor Mike Thornton to stand against the candidate chosen by the Liberal Democrats, Mike Thornton.

Mr Thornton will campaign in the 28th February by-election against Liberal Democrat policies put into place by themselves as part of the campaign by the Liberal Democrats to oppose the Liberal Democrat policy of supporting coalition government policies which are publicly opposed by the Liberal Democrats – a policy supported and opposed by Mr Thornton.

Mr Thornton has been a Liberal Democrat parish and borough councillor since 2007 and has regularly campaigned both for and against himself and his own party’s policies during that time.

His selection was announced in an email to Lib Dem party members by the leader of Eastleigh Council, Keith House:

I’ve known Mike for more than five years and during that time he has tirelessly campaigned against himself and his own policies.

This ability to be openly two-faced by pretending to both support and oppose government policies is why Mike will make an excellent Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament.


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