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(not satire – it’s coalition Britain!)

A lot of people have been quite rightly asking how the Mid-Staffordshire NHS scandal could have happened.

The answer is actually very simple but extremely under-reported.

The cause was staff shortages due to cost cutting by management.

In other words – austerity.

Strange as it may seem – despite the fact that the scandal happened at a time the Labour government was pouring money into the NHS – the report by Robert Francis QC into the scandal found Mid Staffordshire NHS bosses were cutting costs and staffing levels in a mad dash to win foundation status which is why patients were deprived of even basic care such as food and water.

And that’s why part of the government’s response to the report is really, really bizarre.

They didn’t announce an end to austerity in the NHS.

In fact they announced they’re going to target nurse’s pay.

In other words – more austerity.

More austerity to cure a problem which was caused by too much austerity in the first place.

Is there nothing the government doesn’t think a good dose of austerity couldn’t cure?

Cancer? World hunger? Loneliness?

Austerity to cure austerity.

This government is getting more and more surreal by the day.


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