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(satire – probably)

The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has defended parents’ right to smack the Education Secretary Michael Gove claiming it “sends a message” and admits he would do it for his own children, it has emerged.

The Tory minister said he was not opposed to smacking government ministers if it was on an “occasional” basis and used when “really warranted”:

I’m not opposed to parents giving really annoying ministers like Michael Gove a quick smack occasionally when it’s really warranted. Sometimes it sends a message to ministers – but I don’t hanker for the days when MPs were sometimes hung, draw and quartered by their constituents.

The comments come after Labour MP David Lammy claimed that Labour’s 2004 decision to forbid the smacking of bankers had resulted in a breakdown of discipline amongst senior financial executives and had led directly to the 2008 economic crisis.


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