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(satire – sort of)

Coalition government ministers have agreed to back down on plans to introduce a bedroom tax in cases where a household can prove a spare room is necessary for essential needs such as making billions from flogging over-priced coffee to people on the high street or selling millions of books and electronic goods on-line.

The news of the exemption comes after the government’s reform of the tax system was widely branded unfair when it was revealed it would hit the most vulnerable households – such as international high street coffee chains and multibillion online retail companies – the hardest.

A spokesperson for the government explained the reasons for the change of heart:

We recognise that it would be wrong to penalise cases of real hardship where spare rooms are being used for essential things such as making billions from selling people rubbish coffee.

That’s why we’ve decided to let the hardest hit members of society – such as Starbucks and Amazon – get away with paying next to no tax at all while making sure families who insist on being poor and people who recklessly decide to care for a disabled relative at home finally start to pay their fair share of the tax burden.


For slightly more serious and less sarcastic information about the bedroom tax – see here:

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