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(satire – sort of)

Eighty-one year old Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch is reported to be attending talks in the UK in a bid to purchase the popular light entertainment tabloid Boris Johnson.

The purchase of the best-selling London Mayor – thought to be a possible successor as Tory Party leader to another Murdoch-owned politician David Cameron – would insert The Johnson into Murdoch’s already extensive ownership of UK politicians.

The Murdoch stable includes low-brow red tops such as Danny Alexander, older influential broadsheets such as David Blunkett and former Prime Minister Tony Blair as well as other less important light entertainment titles such as The Gove and The Mensch.

Murdoch is also said to be interested buying up more of The London Met’ as well as gaining control of unpopular national broadcaster the BBC – both of which could certainly benefit from a Murdoch stewardship which would bring attention and cash to such failing organs.


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