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(satire – possibly)

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry has announced she has discovered a surprising link between people being poor and the lack of money they’ve got to spend.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Tory MP for Broxtowe claimed she had noticed that some of the poorest people in her constituency often have a tendency to be penniless and she described how easy it was to identify poor people because many of them insisted on being strapped for cash or even flat-broke.

She also criticised poverty-stricken families for the fact that poor children often had to endure a lifestyle of hardship and impoverishment – and she placed the blame for recent sharp increases in child poverty firmly on hard-up parents not being able to afford to give their children a rich lifestyle instead of a poor one.

However, a spokesperson for Number 10 insisted Ms Soubry’s comments did not reflect official coalition thinking:

There is no clear evidence at all to suggest that poverty is caused by something as simple as a lack of money and it’s about time hard-up families stopped blaming their poverty on unrelated factors such as the fact they don’t have any cash.

Hard-up parents have to realise that if they can’t afford to feed their children – they should stop being so poor and become millionaires instead so they can wait in line for a tax cut, just like the rest of us strivers have had to do.


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