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(might be satire – but I’m not all that sure any more)

Conservative Party MPs were in shock tonight after the Liberal Democrats surprised everyone by not going back on a pledge they had made and decided to actually honour it instead.

In a separate development, leading Tories were also said to be unhappy about the vote in the House of Lords to delay a constituency boundary review that had been likely to gift the Tories 20 extra seats.

A clearly shocked Conservative spokesperson explained the reason for the party’s dismay at their coalition partner’s actions:

Obviously we knew that Nick Clegg had pledged to vote against boundary reform as a punishment for us not going through with Lord’s reform – but this is the Liberal Democrats we’re talking about for f**k’s sake! We never actually expected them to keep their promise!

The spokesperson also went to say they were also a bit upset by the Liberal Democrat’s decision to delay the boundary reviews too.


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