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(satire – I think!)

Observer columnist Julie Burchill has been condemned by former equalities minister Lynne Featherstone for condemning the condemning of her fellow writer Suzanne Moore on Twitter for condemning the fact that women are condemned to fulfilling unrealistic stereotypes – a position which has been roundly condemned by everyone.

Posting on Twitter last night, Ms Featherstone attacked Ms Burchill’s attack on the attacks on Ms Moore’s attacks in a tweet which referred to the attacks as an attack on the transgender community – many of whom have been attacked for attacking the attack despite themselves feeling under attack.

A Guardian News & Media spokeswoman said:

We acknowledge the strong reaction to Julie Burchill’s piece published in The Observer and we can assure our readers that we plan to issue an unreserved apology to anyone who may have been offended by anything offensive which may have been written in response to someone who has been offended by anything offensive that may have been published in our newspaper or elsewhere. This will happen as soon as we’ve managed to work out what the f**k is going on. We think.



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