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(not satire – it’s ConDemNation today)

Well at least the headline got your attention.

Iain Duncan-Smith is openly abusing children.

According to a report out this week by the Child Poverty Action Group, his welfare benefit uprating legislation will cause both absolute and relative child poverty in the UK to increase (chapter 1).

It also exposes IDS’s myth about there being an ‘explosion’ in the cost of unemployment benefits – in 1979, unemployment benefit was about 22 per cent of average weekly earnings; today it is about 15 per cent, a relative decline of about a third (chapter 3).

And contrary to claims by IDS, researchers could not find even one case in
Teesside and Glasgow of families where no-one has worked for three generations (chapter 4).

The report also notes – again contrary to claims by IDS – that benefit fraud in the UK is at its lowest ever recorded level (chapter 5).

So why is he and the coalition doing this to our children. Does he enjoy it?

Looks like my sensationalist headline might not be so sensationalist after all.


You can read CPAG’s excellent report for yourself here (pdf file):

The Double Lockout: How low income families will be locked out of fair living standards


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