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A group of leading UK satirists have demanded an immediate end to ‘savage’ government self-parody saying political sketch writers are one of the groups being made to bear the brunt of the coalition’s uncompromising drive to caricature itself relentlessly.

The call comes after Tory rail minister Simon Burns managed to keep an absolutely straight face in an interview today as he explained the reason he uses a chauffeur-driven car to travel to Westminster instead of going by rail is because he thinks trains are too crap to use.

A leading satirist explained the hardships many political humorists across the country are facing:

At the beginning we decided to give the government a chance when it announced it was going to tackle the worst economic crisis the country has ever seen by taxing hot pies and grannies. We even decided to say nothing when the cabinet voted to reduce unemployment and stimulate economic growth by shooting badgers. But we have to draw the line somewhere.

UK satirists’ condemnation of coalition plans to send itself up has slowly been increasing since 2010 – shortly after the coalition decided to put a clown whose only previous job was as a Selfridge’s towel-folder in charge of the UK economy.

The denouncement of government gall also comes just days after the banking sector was criticised by leading political humourists for doing untold damage to satire after Barclays Bank openly announced it had decided to clamp down on its out-of-control executive bonus and pay structure by paying one of its executives £3m to look into how to solve the problem.


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