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(satire – or is it?)

According to the surprising results of a new study, more than one in four young people who are being paid a pittance to do tedious, uninspiring work in pointless, dead-end jobs admits to feeling down or depressed always or often, with this figure rising to nearly half among their discarded, unwanted, futureless unemployed peers.

The Prince’s Trust study on happiness unexpectedly found as many as 27% of young people on starvation-level wages in dreary, humdrum work reported occasionally feeling down or depressed – increasing to 48% among those who are facing the prospect of having no future in any way at all because they are not in employment, education or training (Neets).

The findings, based on interviews with 2,136 16- to 25-year-old cast-off, expendable young people in the UK, showed one in 10 felt unable to cope with day-to-day life being treated like a subservient chattel, with those classified as Neets twice as likely to feel unable to cope with constantly being told they’re a complete waste of space as their peers.

However, experts are completely mystified by other findings in the trust’s annual youth happiness index which puzzlingly found that children from families with incomes of more than 5 million a year strangely experience far fewer feelings of hopelessness and pessimism about their future.


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