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The work and pensions secretary has attacked the system put into place by Labour of allowing the low-paid and the unemployed to spend money on food, saying it had resulted in “a sorry story of food dependency, wasted money and full stomachs”.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Iain Duncan Smith said allowing people in low-paid work or without jobs to eat was costing billions and “haemorrhaging money”.

Estimates on the amount of money low-income families are wasting on food is given by HM Revenue & Customs for their income for the year ahead, who are responsible for reclaiming at the end of the year any overpayments spent on luxury items such as loaves of bread and tins of beans.

‘Culture of eating open to abuse’

Mr Duncan Smith said:

Clearly, under Labour the system was wide open to abuse as in the years between 2003 and 2010, people spent a staggering £171bn on dinners, contributing to a 60% rise in grocery bills.

The government believes there is more than £300m to be saved over the next three years by reducing the amount of low earners who are entitled to eat, and also hopes over the next fiscal year unemployment will gradually fall as more and more low-income families die of starvation.

‘Too many people feel entitled to hot dinners’

Mr Duncan Smith also accused previous Labour governments of attempting to boost the amount of hot dinners people ate ahead of the last two general elections in “an attempt to gain short-term popularity”:

Labour knew what it was doing – allowing people to eat was a cynical and calculated attempt to win votes. Rest assured, this government will never stoop so low as to gerrymander votes by allowing people to feed their families.

                                                                     he said.


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