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So many to choose from but these are my top 12.

If you think I’ve missed any – feel free to let me know in the comments.

1) Emma Harrison from A4e blamed taxpayers for bullying her into paying herself a dividend of £8.6m from taxpayers’ money despite her firm’s abysmal record for the government’s Work Programme:

Emma Harrison: “Heartless taxpayers bullied me into paying myself £8.6m of their money”

2) The coalition government decided to subsidise massive corporations like McDonald’s and Tesco with taxpayers’ money by allowing them to use unemployed people as slave labour:

Did you know the government is subsidising McDonald’s with taxpayers money – your money?

3) The coalition government finalised its plans for the destruction of the NHS:

Cameron to voters – here’s two pointers why I’m going ahead with NHS privatisation anyway ….

4) There were crisis in supplies of fuel and pasties:

Don’t panic-buy and fill up on pasties, public urged

5) The coalition managed to completely lose the trust of the police:

Angry police seek right to kettle themselves

Andrew Mitchell sacked by PM for splitting an infinitive at police officers

6) The coalition has overseen a massive rise in homelessness this year ( set to get even worse next year):

Massive Solar Storm Causes 14% Jump in Homelessness

7) Cameron and Tory ministers in particular got caught out being led hand in glove by Murdoch and his dodgy cronies:

OFCOM rules Murdoch ‘fit and proper’ to own David Cameron

8) Osborne seriously suggested taxing both pasties and grannies and he might not even have been joking:

Government To Tax Pasties and Grannies

9) The coalition failed to sack George Osborne as chancellor:

UK suffers worst double-dipstick chancellor in 50 years

George Osborne Is Not A Wanker – He’s A Genius!

Police called to George Osborne’s home after reports his lights on but nobody at home.

An APOLOGY to Rt Hon George Osborne MP from Tom Pride

10) G4S caused a security shambles at the Olympics and were rewarded for their incompetence by being made one of the government’s preferred bidders for privatisation of police and other services:

G4S Boss Nick Buckles Admits His Mullet Is `Humiliating Shambles’

Al Qaeda affiliate G4S pins down thousands of UK troops in remote Stratford province

11) Government ministers brought Britain’s criminal justice system to a halt after they were hoodwinked into handing over a £300 million contract for court and police interpreting to a dodgy Delboy character:

Meet ALS – the new G4S (or how Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m)

12) A ‘mix-up’ by government ministers over dates means the UK coast will be left inadequately guarded:

Could this be the coalition government’s biggest cock-up yet?


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