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UPDATE AND RESULT! The winner is ……….

The well-deserved outright winner of the BS AWARDS 2012 for the biggest bullshitter in David Cameron’s BIG SHIT SOCIETY is……..

Mr Gavin ‘Delboy’ Wheeldon of ALS

…… for setting up a firm in his bedroom and hoodwinking government ministers into awarding him with a £300 million contract  – a decision so disastrous it brought Britain’s criminal justice system to a halt:

How Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m

Here are the runners-up:

2. Ms Emma Harrison from A4e – for accusing the taxpayer of bullying her into paying herself £8.6m of their money after her firm’s success rate for helping unemployed people into work was found to be lower than if they had looked for a job all by themselves:

Harrison: taxpayers bullied me into paying myself £8.6m of their money

  • 3. Mr Nick Buckles from G4S – for completely failing to provide enough security staff for the Olympics despite his firm being paid £236 million of taxpayers money. And he still didn’t seem to have enough to get himself a decent haircut:

G4S Boss Nick Buckles Admits His Mullet Is `Humiliating Shambles’

4. Mr Ali Parsa of Circle Healthcare – the former Goldman Sachs banker who’s just received a pay-off of £400,000 when he stood down as CEO less than a year into a ten-year contract to run a Cambridgeshire NHS hospital – a deal which has already left the hospital £4m in debt:

Privately-run NHS Hinchingbrooke Hospital boss got £400k pay-off


Cameron’s “Big Society” is one where the biggest bullshitters use copious amounts of BS to persuade government ministers to hand over millions of taxpayers money mostly for doing very little.

So to celebrate one of the government’s only successes, we have decided to give an award to the biggest of the big hitting bullshitters in David Cameron’s Big Shit Society.

After a process of elimination, the Pride’s Purge panel – consisting mainly of me – came up with a shortlist of four of the biggest shits who are competing for the honour of receiving the BS AWARD 2012 for services to bullshitting British taxpayers.

If you think someone else should have been included in the short-list, please feel free to put your suggestion in the comments section.

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