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(not satire – it’s the Telegraph!)

Remember when the Telegraph led the effort by the right-wing press to deflect criticism away from big firms like Starbucks, Amazon etc by attacking Margaret Hodge MP the leader of the parliamentary committee which was investigating them for tax-evasion?

The Telegraph tried to accuse Ms Hodge of being connected to a firm which they claimed was also evading tax.

Well they lied.

Here’s their meagre ‘apology’ – tucked away somewhere where most people won’t find it:

Margaret Hodge MP – apology

This comes not long after the Telegraph decided racism is just – quote “self-pitying bollocks” –

Daily Telegraph on racism – it’s just self-pitying b*ll*cks!

OK. So now we know the Telegraph is a racist, lying hackrag.

Not exactly news that, is it?


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